Blue Parrot Properties Ltd. is a real estate asset management company.  The company's mandate is to identify under performing real estate in Ontario.  Once identified, Blue Parrot works to secure it, re-position the property so it performs, then sell it.

Blue Parrot's executives are skilled at identifying, buying, managing and developing under-utilized commercial, industrial and residential buildings and vacant land in Ontario. We look for opportunities whereby we can utilize our expertise to achieve an above average return.  It is a joy to convert a property to its highest and best use and to then watch the marketplace, the tenants, and the purchasers embrace that property in its new form.

We consider a number of factors when purchasing real estate:  location, demographics, potential curb appeal, return on equity, covenant of tenants, potential cash flow, potential for capital appreciation and how to operate efficiently, with the ultimate objective of creating long term lasting value for that property.

We buy and help others buy industrial, commercial and residential properties.  We will purchase environmentally contaminated properties if we have the expertise to clean them up to obtain a Record of Site Condition within a certain time frame.  We will purchase vacant land if we can development-approve it to create value.  We will purchase vacant buildings if we can tenant them to provide cash flow.  We will purchase properties that need re-positioning through changing the tenant mix or the building uses to create capital appreciation.  We will purchase properties with excess land that can be severed and developed or sold.  We will purchase properties that can be subdivided into smaller pieces and tenanted or sold.  We enjoy renovating and constructing buildings, homes and properties.

At Blue Parrot Properties, we strive to make every day in the office or out on the field fun.  We try to work with people we enjoy and that makes what we do agreeable and positive.